Female Driven Dark Comedy Series Hits the Internet

New Female Driven Dark Comedy Series Hits the Internet!!

Marie-Claire Marcotte and Rebecca Davey of She Said Films launch their newest production: Running With Violet, a 10-episode web series. The series debuted Monday at 5PM on their youtube channel!
Running With Violet is a serialized dramedy about lonely housewife Miranda, single mother Jolene and toddler Violet who try to ditch their small town but soon get entangled in a small town meth ring.
The show brings together the relationships and queer undertones of Thelma and Louise with the unexpected danger of Fargo. The show also features Canadian YouTube star Jessii Vee making her acting debut. Some of the challenges we encountered during shooting included making one of our main characters a toddler! We had so much fun perfecting hilarious exchanges with our script editor Eric Toth for our little Violet, that we ended up a little over zealous and a little under realistic. The long hours on set where Violet was forced out of her routine and environment were a big wake up call. We ended up making some dialogue cuts to accommodate (though we still got some great stuff!).
Other challenges included the weather! Shooting in November in Canada is dicey business because it’s hard to know what you’re going to get. Indeed, we got the whole gamut: a mix of unseasonably warm days and then some cold that nearly killed us! Thankfully Nola Chatters, who designed and managed our wardrobe, was on top of toe and back warmers! Some things that were unexpectedly easy: figuring out what camera to use to simulate a cop camera for the ‘sting operation’ that takes place in episodes six to ten. Our cinematographer Guy Godfree smartly determined how to shoot the scene using a GoPro which got us exactly what we needed. The editors were happy too! The cast and crew lived together in one big house during five days of shooting in Midland, Ontario—something that also turned out to be surprisingly easy. We might have ingested a little too much lasagna–a downside? Another success: through this project we continued to prioritize our relationship as creators and producers. We really value our ‘business’ relationship and are careful to negotiate our company’s needs, as well as our different personal needs with respect. The last thing we want to do is ruin our partnership over a project. I’m proud of how we have grown after these two years of work! I think we love each other more! Thanks Running With Violet. Please watch our episodes over on our youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe! You can also follow us on our social media platforms. P.S. – if you are interested to see our movie recommendations, make sure to visit this page.