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5 Things That are Considered a Bad Casino Etiquette

The casino gambling experience is undoubtedly unique, and it’s easy to get mesmerized by the great atmosphere of such an environment.

If it’s your first time visiting a casino, you should also know that there are some casino written and unwritten rules that you have to abide by when gambling.

More importantly, there are some things you should avoid doing if you don’t want to antagonize other gamblers at the table. With that in mind, here are five things generally considered poor casino etiquette.

5. Harassing or Taunting Other Players

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While there is no risk of insulting others while playing at online casinos, you should be very mindful of your interactions when money and often alcohol is involved in brick and mortar casinos. In some situations, most often in poker, two players who don’t know each other can start bantering and going back and forth. There’s usually nothing malicious in this, as it is all within the game’s rules, aiming to throw the other player off their game and get an edge.

That said, if one side doesn’t want any part of such business and just wants to play, trash-talking attempts can easily transition into harassment. You should always avoid harassing other participants, as doing so will make the situation awkward for everyone at the table.

Moreover, if you go too far, the dealer will likely ask you to leave the table or even call up casino security. So, if you want to have a good time and play according to casino etiquette, always be nice to other players, casino staff, and dealers.

4. Wasting Time in the Game

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When you’re playing games with a strategic element, like blackjack and especially poker, you’ll often find that the clock moves too quickly when you have to make an important decision. In such situations, nobody at the table will fault you for needing an extra minute to make up your mind.

But, if you do so for every move you make, it isn’t only annoying for other participants. It’s also a breach of casino etiquette. Unfortunately, many players do so, and there’s no way for the dealers to combat this other than warning the offenders. So, the best you can do is make sure you’re not one of these players, and the action at the table will be faster and much more enjoyable.

3. Constantly Asking the Dealer About the Rules

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There’s nothing wrong with sitting down at a casino table and gambling with only a basic knowledge of the game you’re playing. What’s more, most players won’t have anything against you asking the dealer for some insight during debatable or unclear situations. All of this is fine, provided that you can keep up with the action and not slow down the game for everyone else.

However, when this becomes a problem is when you’re constantly relying on the dealer to make important in-game decisions. This is considered very poor etiquette and is a surefire way to annoy other players at the table.

The dealer will always be polite with every player, but their role isn’t to teach or guide players, only to provide helpful answers in rare situations. If you’re unsure how to play a particular casino game, observing the action from a respectable distance is perfectly fine.

2. Breaking Alcohol and Smoking Rules

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Drinking when gambling can be quite fun, and if you’re a smoker and playing in a casino that allows smoking, the experience can be even better. Having said that, ensure these habits don’t interfere with other people’s experiences.

In other words, drinking too much to control your actions or smoking in areas that aren’t designated for it is considered terrible casino etiquette.

This might sound contrary to what you see in casino movies, but the real-life experience is a bit different, so always treat others like you would like to be treated, and you will be fine.

1. Overusing Your Phone

casino etiquette for phone

The best rule of thumb regarding cell phone use when in a casino is to avoid using your phone altogether. In some casinos, you won’t even be allowed to use a cell phone in the entire venue, not the mention at a table or when playing a slot game.

While policies on this can vary from casino to casino, keeping your phone in your pocket when playing is best. When you need to use it to make a call, step away from the table or walk out of the venue.