Looking for Angelina

Canada, Feature, Runtime: 80 minutes

It was the story of the century. It caused uproar around the globe. Evocative and riveting, Looking for Angelina is the true story of Angelina Napolitano, an Italian woman sentenced to death in 1911 for murdering her husband with an axe as he lay asleep on Easter Sunday in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Now, after it has been buried for nearly a century, PLATINUM IMAGE FILM brings the story of this enigmatic woman to the screen for the first time. Directed by award-winning Director Sergio Navarretta and starring Lina Giornofelice (Owning Mahowny, Narc) as Angelina, Looking for Angelina explores the fascinating truth behind this heartbreaking story of loss and redemption. A young immigrant woman caught in a life she does not want, Angelina is the unlikely heroine at the focal point of a world-wide media frenzy. Looking for Angelina is the eye-opening true story of one woman's struggle, and an ever-more relevant source of fascination in the media-obsessed society we live in today. Looking for Angelina's incredible ensemble cast includes: Alvaro D'Antonio (Bonanno: A Godfather's Story, Boy Meets Girl), Gerry Mendicino (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Norma Dell'Agnese (Agnes of God, Third Miracle), Keith Knight (Meatballs, Road to Avonlea), Dom Fiore (The Recruit, Bonanno: A Godfather's Story), Andrew Gillies (Virgin Suicides), and Salvatore Antonio (The Gospel of John, The Associates). Written by Alessandra Piccione and Frank Canino, Looking for Angelina was photographed entirely on location in Sault Ste Marie by award-winning Director of Photography, Peter Benison, CSC (Chicago, Battlefield Earth) and edited by Paul Whitehead (Mutant X). The sound track, composed by Angelo Oddi (A Christmas Carol), features performances by world renowned Quartetto Gelato and the Toronto St. Michael's Boys' Choir. Awards -- Best Feature Drama & Award of Distinction, Quintus Film Festival, Montreal; Special Recognition Award, Cimameriche Film Festival in Genova, Italy.
  • Director: Sergio Navarretta
  • Genre: Feature
  • Writer: Frank Canino, Alessandra Piccione
  • Producer: Sergio Navarretta, Alessandra Piccione
  • Distribution: The Galaxy Group


Lina Giornofelice, Alvaro D'Antonio, Les Carlson, Paul Bettis, Shaun Austin-Olsen, Keith Knight